Sales Policy

In order to reserve a bunny(s) of your choice we require a 50% NONREFUNDABLE deposit that goes toward the full payment of your bunny(s). All sales are FINAL and again all deposits are NONREFUNDABLE and NONTRANSFERABLE! We have the right to cancel and remove any sale at any given time, especially if we feel the bunny(s) will not be put in a good living situation. The bunny(s) must be picked up on the date it is scheduled to leave, or your sale will be canceled with NO refunds, unless prior arrangements have been made. We will NOT sell any of our bunnies under 8 weeks of age, in fact, for many U.S. states it is illegal to sell bunnies under 8 weeks of age. If for some reason a freak accident happens where the bunny gets sick or dies before the scheduled leaving date, your deposit can be refunded OR you have the option to use that deposit for another bunny. If in the future you come to find yourself unable to care for the bunny(s) for whatever reason, we will take back the bunny(s) and help rehome it but there will be NO refunds.

We work extremely hard to raise quality rabbits. We want the best with all of our stock. Because of this our bunnies will be priced accordingly at time of sale. We will be asking questions as to your plans with them, if you are planning on breeding we want to make sure they are going to be utilized properly and going into a well established program that is breeding up to the standards. Our prices range anywhere from $50-100 (plus tax if paying through PayPal), based off of their overall quality, body structure, coloring, markings, bloodlines, etc… Thank you for understanding this.

There are NO health guarantees after the sale(s) of the bunny(s) takes place and they leave our personal care. We do not sell to just anybody, if we feel that you are NOT an adequate candidate and responsible pet owner we will refuse you a sale. It is your job as an owner to do your research before inquiring and/or buying. It is also your responsibility to provide ALL proper equipment to care for the bunny(s). We do NOT provide cages, bedding, toys, water bottles, feeders, etc…that is your RESPONSIBILITY. We will be more than happy to point you in the right direction and give tips on what’s best. Our bunnies come as is, nothing else. We will send a SAMPLE of their food with so they can adjust to their new diet. All of our breeding stock and offspring have excellent health, we wouldn’t accept anything less than that. However, we are NOT guaranteeing that a bunny you buy from us won’t develop a health problem in the future, especially as age comes along, because it is possible. We do NOT guarantee temperaments or attitudes either, as like anything else bunnies also have their own personalities. Even though we make sure all the parents temperaments are excellent, it doesn’t mean their offspring will be the same, especially if they are not neutered or spayed before they are considered a senior (before 6 months of age). Males can be neutered as early as 3 1/2 months and females can be spayed as early as 4 months. From birth until the day they are ready to leave, we monitor, inspect and observe each and every bunny, every day, to the best of our knowledge, and like stated previously once that bunny leaves our care, we are NOT responsible for any possible future health issues, accidents or vet bills. It is your responsibility to check over the bunny(s) yourself before fully buying.

As far as transportation goes, we are most comfortable with you picking up. We are willing and able to meet and/or deliver but additional fees will be added. Bunny(s) must be paid in full before we can deliver! Ground transportation only. If you choose to have us deliver I charge $45 an hour.

Once you have put a deposit down, we will keep you updated as best as we can, BUT please don’t constantly request pictures.

We are located in Andover, MN. However, for the safety of all our rabbits our Rabbitry is a closed Rabbitry due to the possible illnesses, diseases and stress induced situations that people could potentially bring around to our stock. When time of pick up is scheduled we will meet you at the place of our choice in the Anoka/Andover area, unless other plans have been arranged.

We accept cash and PayPal only.

In our program we are working with the Vienna gene. All of our rabbits have CLEAN LINES!! We keep the BEW/Vienna program separate from the regular Holland Lop program. I am a member of the ARBA (American Rabbit Breeders Association). Our rabbits are raised to the standards. All of our rabbits are purebred (no cross breeds, mixes or mutts). Every bunny that leaves our program will be tattooed properly. We issue pedigrees for all of our rabbits but you will only receive one if you purchased a show/brood rabbit. A bunny will not come with a pedigree at all if we feel that it is pet quality only. Most of our bunnies are sold as babies to pet homes.  Babies will not be sold with pedigrees since their body types cannot fully be assessed at such a young age.  Older juniors and seniors may be available with pedigrees.  Although our breeding stock comes from top-quality lines, we have no way to guarantee that your bunny will place well at shows or produce litters successfully.  You may want to ask us if we have any senior Holland Lops available if you are looking for a show rabbit or for a 4H project.

After reading ALL the sales policies, please comment saying that you AGREE to these terms, this is also a way for me to know who has read through them and understood. This is also required for you to do before taking home your new fur baby. Thank you all for understanding and even more for your support!

Additional Information: We guarantee that, to the best of our knowledge at the time you pick up your bunny, it will be in good health and temperament.  Upon pickup, your bunny will be examined so that you can see a clear eyes/nose (no signs of illness), top teeth are over the bottom teeth (no signs of malocclusion), and how the gender was determined.  You are responsible for following our recommendations for feeding and care as well as seeking veterinary assistance if necessary. 
After the bunny leaves our rabbitry, you are responsible for its health and well-being.  Baby bunnies in particular are sensitive to stress and dietary changes.  Minimizing stress (other pets, rough play, startling noises, etc), washing hands/cages/food dishes frequently, and keeping your bunny on the same pellets and high quality hay are all important, especially the first months home.  No refunds will be offered.  PLEASE FULLY EXAMINE YOUR BUNNY BEFORE YOU COMPLETE YOUR PURCHASE!!  We do our best to accurately assess gender, color, and quality, but you are responsible for approving the rabbit before completing the purchase.  It can be very difficult to tell a baby bunny’s gender due to small size and the differences in how some babies develop.  While we’re generally quite accurate, mistakes identifying gender can occur when purchasing a baby bunny.  
Care: PLEASE do a bit of research about Holland Lops (they can live up to 10 years!) and also how to care for a bunny (we have basic care sheets available).  It is important to keep your bunny on the feed sample that we provide and gradually transition it to your feed if it is a different brand.  Keep your bunny in a stress-free, calm environment until it is eating regularly and seems well-adjusted.  THEN, you can begin playing with your new fuzzy pal!  ALWAYS remember to be careful what types of treats you feed your bunny, as they have sensitive digestive systems.  Keeping a clean environment (washing hands and bunny cages/dishes) and minimizing stress are imperative.

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