River Lane Farm and Garden

We are a small urban farm that is home to a flock of chickens, a few ducks and Chubby Bunnies Rabbitry.  Our rabbitry specializes in Holland Lops bred for show quality and also fun colors.
We are a small-scale hobby farm with a large garden, a flock of chickens, a few ducks and bunnies! Our  Holland Lops are bred under “Chubby Bunnies Rabbitry” for show and/or pets. We are located along the Rum River just north of the Twin Cities in Andover, MN. Our Holland Lop rabbits get regular exercise time, unlimited grass hay, Purina Show pellets, and water, with plenty of attention and toys. All bunnies are housed in wire cages with floor mats. We breed our Holland Lop bunnies for color and show type and interact with them daily so that they make wonderful pets, 4H rabbits, or show bunnies for your family.

Along with the rabbits we have a small flock of ducks. Two female Muscovys, one Welsh Harlequin hen, a breeding trio of Khaki Campbells and a breeding pair of rare Dutch Hookbills. We are hoping they have ducklings spring and summer to help conserve the breed.

Then there are the chickens. We have been adding to the flock based on breed.  Right now we have a Ayam Cemani, one polish hen, Rhode Island Reds, Orpingtons, two Rose Combed Bantams, a Speckled Sussex and some Americanas aka “Easter Eggers”. We also have a breeding trio of white Silkies and rare Vorwerks that we plan to breed to help conserve the breed. The chickens and ducks are our pets. We collect eggs when they lay them and are generally amused by their funny personalities.

Visit our website and Facebook page often to keep up with what’s going on around here! Read our pages for information on our bunnies, and our flock.  Also visit our rabbit care page for tips on how to care for your bunny. Check out our for sale page to see any available animals or apply for our waiting list.

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Chubby Bunnies Rabbitry

Our Latest Additions to the Rabbitry!



Sir or Sir William II is a 4 year old broken black buck from Blue Iris lines. Sir has 8 ARBA Legs and is a grand champion.



Onyx is a 2 year old, solid black doe. Onyx is a second generation of Chubby Bunnies Rabbitry/ River Lane Farms



Sparrow is a 3 year old broken orange Holland Lop out of We-Lan rabbitry in Minnesota.

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